Analysis Of Critique And Recommendations: Liar And Spy

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Campbell, K. (2012). Lester's dreadful sweaters. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press.
Summary: Clara’s cottage is consumed by a crocodiles so she moves in with Lester’s family. Clara makes Lester a sweater and he thinks it was so sweet of her until he see the dreadful sweater. Everyday Clara knits Lester a new sweater and each sweater comes in contact with a mysterious and tragic end. The last sweater makes Lester look like a clown, and At Enid’s party Lester meets a clown that loves it. Lester takes the clowns to Clara and she knits sweaters for the clowns, and is then offered a job to knit for the whole group, which she takes.
Critique and Recommendations: I really enjoyed the book, while reading the book you start to wonder how dreadful the next sweater Clara knits will be. This book would be good to help engage students to think about what is going to happen next in the
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The common themes that occur in this chapter book are friends and friendship, adolescent issues, moving, and dealing with middle school. I like how this story expresses the emotional life of Georges trying to find a friend and his struggle with how far he will go for a friendship. In the classroom I would use this book during reading to help students make predictions and by reading the story aloud and having students keep journals of their thoughts while listening to the chapter book. This chapter book can connect to science because of the taste test that Georges is participating in at school. In science I can have students conduct a similar taste test during class and do research on how we taste. I would recommend this book for students that enjoy reading mysteries. For students in the classroom that are having trouble finding their own way this book would be an enjoyable read for them because they would be able to relate to

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