Essay on Li ' L Bit 's Life And Her Struggles

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Li’l Bit “How I Learned to Drive” takes you down the road of Li’l Bit’s life and her struggles she faces with her uncle, Peck. Being faced with multiple inner issues of whether or not she loves her uncle the same way he loves her, drives the plot of the play to her final choices. With sexual influence being apart of her life at a young age already, Li’l Bit becomes even more confused of her feelings because of the large affect from her family. Even her name, Li’l Bit, derives from her having a small amount private part at birth. Also, due to the fact that her Uncle Peck is seen as an Atticus Fitch-like character, the reader is to believe he is a nice character at the start. It is not until you realize what they do in his car, you notice Peck’s humanization and truly see how these activities are affecting Li’l Bit. Li’l Bit finds her own understanding of what is right and what is wrong in her choices as the play continues. As her relationship grows with Uncle Peck, her mind shrinks and it is up to Li’l Bit to decide if her understanding of the situation and life choices are correct. Li’l Bit truly challenges herself in her fight between finding love, self discovery, and having a mind awakening inner realization. Finding love for Li’l Bit has been a problem in her life for a while now. Although we do not know how she loved prior to the rape incidents, but from what we can conclude, it seems tough for Li’l Bit to love. Not just love as in a relationship and men, but love as…

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