Essay on Level 3 Unit 14

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Unit 14 Assignment
The Social Model of disability came about through the disability movement and other organisation campaigning for equal rights, opportunities and choices for disabled people. The social model of disability recognises that any problem of disability are created by society and its institution and that The Discrimination Acts are tools to help to improve the response of society to disability, also a wheel chair user is not hampered by their disability but by lack of adequate access to buildings. The social model may impact upon our practise as we would provide inclusive environments as a starting point for all children. The Scope website stated ‘The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way
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Dyslexic pupils benefit from early intervention to prevent slipping behind their peers. Where specialist support is offered at a late age, learning is less effective and self-esteem and emotional well-being may be considerably undermined. Dyslexic pupils will need individual support which is differentiated from that offered to low achieving pupils, addressing the very different learning style of the dyslexic brain, if pupils are to make significant progress. Ideally this should be offered by staff with some training in supporting dyslexic children. In some cases, one-to-one tuition from a specialist dyslexia teacher may be necessary.
Practitioners support children within the setting the Class teachers need to have an understanding of the problems that the dyslexic child may have within the classroom situation. Hopefully, with this knowledge, a great deal of misunderstanding of a child's behaviour can be prevented. In a positive and encouraging environment, a dyslexic child will experience the feeling of success and self-value. Another professional that will help children with dyslexia is a one to one tuition from a specialist dyslexia teacher.
Ways to overcome barriers to achievement for children with special needs by having adapting the

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