Essay about Letters From An American Farmer

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The United States of America is a hodgepodge of many different races, religions, and all around demographic backgrounds. This country has been described as a melting pot because of all the different kinds of people that live here and cultures that have been mixed together. Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur wrote “Letters From an American Farmer: Letter III- What Is An American,” which tries to put into words what an American really is. This letter was written in the 1770’s but it is still relevant today. Many lessons can be learned from these letters, like how hard work pays off and how being content with your life will make you happy. There are 11 other letters to go along with letter III, giving this publication a total of 12 letters. These letters were written as if they were coming from an uneducated American farmer named James and being sent to a well-educated Englishman. All of these letters describe in some way, what it is like to live in the United States and to be an American. He discusses the pleasures, hardships, lifestyles, and so much more about the American people within these letters. He even went into detail about the types of plants and animals and how they differed from the ones in Europe. Description is the strongest aspect of this piece of literature, followed by comparison and contrast. Crevecoeur was able to see what it took to be an American and saw how the differences between the citizens made this country better and not worse. He also mentioned…

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