Let The Paranormal Be The New World Essay

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Let the Paranormal Be the New Color in Our Life
The paranormal have become a hot topic among people, among the young and heated debates are right on their way. Those paranormal things such subjects as alternative medicine; conspiracy theories; ghosts, the undead, and the paranormal, UFO’s and alien abductions; urban legends; and psychic abilities. However, those paranormal are no any scientific merit to prove it is true, but it is the key to open human’s new sense, and let human to image it and fantasy. People always saying the teenage is the leader to open the new world, then why we take their fantasy away? If we do, what’s the key to open the new world? Therefore, people shouldn’t ban the paranormal from teenage, the paranormal culture gives us a colorful life and space to thinking, if we cut off the paranormal from teenage which means cut off the road to the new future.
Why people believe in the paranormal? To explain some of these supernatural effects, Joseph Banks Rhine of Duke University with his colleagues have drawn heavily from some of the biggest findings in psychology in recent decades, especially regarding the irrational behaviors that they all display in most aspects of our lives. For example, consider dream precognition, which is the sense that a dream foreshadows reality. It is one of the most commonly reported forms of paranormal belief. Research into the science of sleep has revealed that the vast majority of people have about four dreams a night, with…

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