Creating Lesson Plans

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One of the most significant keys to being a teacher is to create lesson plans in advance in order for the students to become successful and remain prepared throughout the year. Mrs. Gluff planned her lessons ahead of time and she also followed a schedule in order for the students to understand the repetitive subjects and activities in a school day. Once the college teachers entered the classroom, the students were prepared to discuss the calendar. The students knew what to expect and how to act. I could see that the lesson was previously planned because she went to the front of the classroom without hesitation. Additionally, I know that the lesson was planned because the writing lessons were already printed, the instructions were clear, and …show more content…
Gluff delivered instructions clear for the students to understand and always provided visual aides. For example, the teacher used a projector for the writing portion of class. Additionally, Mrs. Gluff used the calendar as a visual aide, as well as the posters in the classroom. The teacher communicated expectations with the students by stating, “Give me five” and that would remind the students to quiet down. The expectations of the students have already been addressed enough that the students know how to act in any given situation. Therefore, when a student misbehaves Mrs. Gluff begins by giving a verbal warning. The teacher will know if the students have achieved the learning goals by grading assignments and keeping track of the progress that has been made since the beginning of the year. Learning goals can also be recorded by the student’s actions and communication skills. Additionally, the test scores to certain skills will improve if the learning goals were met. Mrs. Gluff did a fantastic job with this group of students because the students are aware of the expectations and they come to class ready to participate. Overall, the students are focused on getting their work done and are always willing to ask questions if they are unsure on the

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