Leslie Marmon Silko: Questions

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Jose A. Gomez
ENC 1101/CRN 10050
1 September 2017

Lullaby Questions
1.Leslie Marmon Silko was born on March 05,1948 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
When she came to this world her father had to work in his family grocery store and be a photographer for the United States army around the same time her mother started to work Leslie had to spend her days with her great grandmother. When she was six years old her father was elected as Tribal Treasurer and has found out many Violated Treaty Rights, Question of Identity,and problems of poverty but the biggest problem was with the state of New Mexico by stealing six million acres of land from the laguna people the whole process took from when leslie was six years old all to her graduation in the end they were victorious and the judge ordered for payment of 25 cents an acre but the legal fees were as high as $2 million. After the whole trial leslie dropped out of the American Indian Law School Fellowship Program because she found it injustice that the Supreme Court refusal to stop the execution of a retarded black man.She left believing that storytelling could change people's lives, She got married,has two sons,and is now working in the
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Chato used to “saddled the big bay horse and ridden the fence lines each day, with wire cutters and heavy gloves, fixing the breaks in the barbed wire and putting the stray cattle back inside again” (pg 302)(paragraph 5). The reason he cannot work anymore is because he has a crush leg and he is very old now to do anything. Chato has been getting drunk to forget the pain of his loss of his children, The lost of his job to new people that the rancher had hired Never slept beside his wife until he was very ill ,could not sleep because of the cold and needed ayah warmth to save his life but the worst pain he felt was being treated like a stranger by his own

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