Essay Leonardo Da Vinci, Architect, Doctor And Inventor

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A man not only famous for his artistic skills and being recognized as the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, was as a genius engineer, architect, doctor and inventor. He came from a humble family background and being the only child influenced his lifestyle later on. Around his twenties, Leonardo’s journey in choosing a profession had begun. He was an apprentice for some time then became the real deal near his thirties. In this paper I will give details of a genius man behind the paintings, the events that made him the famous Renaissance man that he is still known for today and two main paintings that impacted my life artistically.
Leonardo was born in Italy, in the small village of Vinci just west of Florence. His father was a well-known notary and his mother was just a maiden. Later his mother died and father did not remarry making him the only child. For this reason, Douglas in Leonardo da Vinci: His Life and Pictures suggested that “this only child upbringing could have been responsible for Leonardo’s later nature,” by this she refers to Leonardo doing more than one project at a time and not finishing many of them.
At a young age, he became an apprentice to the best painter at the time, Andrea de Verrocchio. Verrocchio was a personal friend of Leonardo’s father which is how they met and he became an apprentice. When Leonardo’s family moved from Vinci to Florence, he moved into Verrocchio’s workshop. During this time, Da Vinci learned how to paint and sculpt…

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