Lenovo 's Global Pc Industry Essay example

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Nowadays, in every people’s eyes, Lenovo Group Limited is an outstanding multinational corporation. Also, the name” Lenovo “has become a global brand that has a high position on PC industry. However, at the beginning, Lenovo was just a Chinese local technology company. How could it grow into such a big company and the recognized brand worldwide in a few years? We can find the answers in the case.
The author introduces the global PC industry, the history of Lenovo from the emerging to surging, its strategies of building a global brand and the challenges of Lenovo.
Before Lenovo expanded the company in the global PC market, it had completed products line, efficiency supply chain, low cost production and had the great reputation among the consumers in Asia. Although there was intense competition in the market (Dell, HP, Acer, Fujitsu), they could find their own way to win the market that targeting the average Chinese consumer and designing the functionality desktops which met Chinese people’s needs. The popularity of Lenovo in the domestic market was the foundation of building the global brand.
The one of the turning points for Lenovo is the deal with the IBM. In late 2004, Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal Systems Division. This deal was a win-win strategy for both companies. For IBM, it can shed an unprofitable operation and focus on service area. For Lenovo, it not only can make benefit from the popular ThinkPad brand and product line, but also…

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