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In my opinion any marketing manager who is not utilizing social media as a marketing tool is failing to utilize an extremely cost effective means of reaching their target market. There are a wide array of sites that an shrewd manager can utilize to market their products, sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Bing, My space, YouTube and many others. I believe that the site that the marketing manager chooses would depend on the type of customer that they are attempting to target. Actually, the only limits to their marketing strategy are vision and creativity. As with all things marketing with social media is not without risks. If the marketing manager is not familiar with the laws that govern the conduct of business on the …show more content…
In mediation, the parties agree to try to reach a solution with the assistance of a neutral party who helps them find a mutually satisfactory resolution.” (Bagley, 2012) By definition mediation is a flexible process that allows for many different structures, rules and procedures. A mediator’s role is to guide the parties through a structured set of discussions about the issues and alternatives and to suggest ways to resolve the dispute fairly. “Mediation is an appropriate option only when both parties sincerely desire to settle the dispute.” (Bagley, 2012) “Arbitration is the resolution of a dispute by a neutral third party, called an arbitrator. The process is consensual and created by contract”. (Bagley, 2012) “Although nonbinding arbitration is an option, most parties enter binding arbitration whereby they agree to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision”. (Bagley, 2012) One of the factors affecting arbitration is the arbitrator because the arbitrator’s ability and fairness are the decisive elements in any arbitration; the selection process is an important aspect of arbitration.” (Arbitration, 2013) “Arbitration decisions are legally binding and are upheld in court unless obvious flaws in the process are present” (Bagley, 2012) After analyzing the three alternatives I personally would choose mediation to resolve the dispute if at all possible. I believe that this option would prevent bad press and bad feelings on both sides. The last thing

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