Legalizing Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Issue Question: Should it be legal for doctors to assist patient in committing suicide?
Controversy Section: For many years, doctor assisted suicide has been a well known controversy, but in the last decade it has become an even more debatable topic. Doctor assisted suicide is the act of the patient self administering the means of death that is provided to them by a doctor. In order for a patient to receive the lethal dose of medication to end their own life, they must request medication from their doctor. Most patients who request The lethal dose are many people suffering from diseases such as cancer or people who are living in constant pain and suffering, who feel as if they have lost their quality of life. Over the last decade, doctor assisted
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Dworkin also implied that to maintain a terminally ill patient can cost anywhere from two thousand to ten thousand dollars a month. Dworkin goes on to explain how the families of the patients can become responsible for any unpaid medical fees. After these patients die, the cost of their life does not vanish, the big bill is left to their family. These huge hospital bills usually tend to put the families in a financially unstable state for quite some time. Dworkin 's further acknowledges that many terminally ill patients feel as if assisted suicide will not only help take their own pain and suffering away, but it will also halt all of their family’s huge hospital bills from racking up in …show more content…
This Oath states the obligations of anyone practicing in a medical profession. The Hippocratic Oath states that it is a doctor 's will not provide anyone with deadly medication if asked, and they will not provide them with a way of going about dying. Many people stand by this Oath because they believe it to be important because it is something everyone who is in the medical profession has agreed to. People also agree with the Hippocratic Oath because it was made into a rule so long ago that it has a meaning and a purpose to most people. The Hippocratic Oath is seen to be a highly looked upon guideline regarding doctors and their

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