Persuasive Essay On Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Issue Question: Should it be legal for doctors to assist patient in committing suicide?
Controversy Section: For many years, doctor assisted suicide has been a well known controversy, but in the last decade it has become an even more debatable topic. Doctor assisted suicide is the act of the patient self administering the means of death that is provided to them by a doctor. In order for a patient to receive the lethal dose of medication to end their own life, they must request medication from their doctor. Most patients who request The lethal dose are many people suffering from diseases such as cancer or people who are living in constant pain and suffering, who feel as if they have lost their quality of life. Over the last decade, doctor assisted suicide has become one of the most controversial topics that contains supportive reasoning for both for and against it. While 47% of Americans agree with assisted suicide 49% disagree with the same topic. The people who agree with doctor assisted suicide usually consider that it is a physician 's sole purpose to help their patients in any way possible no matter how helping them would occur.
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These people believe that is should be a person 's own choice if they would like to die or not. He also implies that if a person is able to choose when they die, and how, they are able to die with a form of dignity. Judge Reinhardt also states that how a person dies determines the memories loved ones will have. Having the ability to die in a certain way in a particular time is seen by these people as the last controlled decision one can make about their life. People who are for doctor assisted suicide typically believe in the Death with Dignity Act, which is an act granting ill people the right to

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