What Is The Legalization Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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This article will be good to back up my statement about the legalization of PAS. The reason why is because this article talks about patients who stop eating, drinking to die because they feel like that 's what they want. So, they stop eating and a doctor can not force someone to eat. Why in the world would you let someone suffer by not eating because they want to have the right to pass away? This will definitely help my argument because they are a lot of people who forgo this act, but legalization PAS, will decrease the suffering people go through from not eat. Slowly dying because this takes about two weeks for your body to give out/ let go.

New Suicide Study Results from University
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Just to be sure that the doctor isn 't a crazy person and wants kill the guy just because she/he wanted too. After writing this consent, it will go through the first physician and also a second physician to see what kind of assisted death, this patient might need. In most cases a patient who can get assisted suicide after if they only have 6 months to live. I will be using this article to prove that allowing the legalization of PAS, it will be better, safer and doctors need to report it. Whenever they assisted someone in …show more content…
It answers the questions of “(1) Is suicide intelligible (or conceptually rational)? (2) Is suicide ever a morally permissible act (or morally rational)? (3) Can suicide be competently chosen (or mentally rational)? (4) Rational suicide from a classical stoic perspective (5) A neo-stoic perspective on rational suicide in the context of physician-assisted death (6) Case studies in physician-assisted rational suicide”. Basically, they talk about how the whole point of a doctor is to saves lives the best they can, not kill them and give

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