Legalization Of Prostitution Essay

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Legalization of prostitution
Prostitution is one of the oldest and most controversial professions on earth. According to records, prostitution was a normal practice of the earliest known civilizations. Ancient Greeks and Roma governments went as far as sponsoring brothels to ensure their citizens could afford a prostitute. The emergence of religions like Christianity and Islam transformed the moral views society had toward prostitution. Following a tremendous pressure from the religious authorities, many European countries started to ban the practice on the bases of being immoral and harmful to society. The king of Spain made prostitutes punishable law. Those caught could face a harsh punishment or they could be exiled. Pope Sixtus of Rome
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The practice usually happens legally in modern cites like Vegas, Berlin and Amsterdam. However, in many other places, the transaction is carried out illegally where pimps take advantage of young women and force them to sell their bodies. There are many reasons that can be stated why prostitution should be illegal. However, the most important reason includes coercion. Most people do not aspire of becomeing a prostitute. In most cases, they are forced in to the profession because of the desperate economic conditions or lack of opportunity. A study conducted by international labor organizations show that, “anywhere between 0.25 per cent and 1.5 per cent of the total female population in south east Asia engaged in prostitution and most of the women choose the profession because of economic reasons”. In other cases, young women are forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. This type of coercion tactic is certainly an immoral because it transgresses the human right and liberty of …show more content…
Mill utilitarianism theory primarily focuses on the idea that an action is morally right when they result in pleasure for the greater number of people. Mill states that intellectual pleasures have a higher value than physical pleasures. For this reason, utilitarian usually finds the act of prostitution to be morally wrong, but they might not denounce it. For a utilitarian the act of prostitution does now always create a positive outcome. For example if we take, a married man cheating on his wife with a prostitute the man gains a momentary sexual pleasure, and the prostitute acquires money. Form a utilitarian perspective, the man’s action is technically wrong because his wife did not experience any kind of pleasure. In addition, the wife is also being lied to this is also immoral by itself, and if she finds out about his infedality their family could be broken up. Overall, the actions taken by the man are immoral because everyone who is associated with the husband is not experiencing happiness. If the man was single the consequences of his transactions would not be complicated. Therefore a utilitarian would conclude that the act of prostitution is morally wrong when it involves third party like family, friends, and

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