Legalization Of Marijuana Case Study

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Introduction People always have something to say about politicians and how ordinary individuals from the streets can do the politicians jobs better than they can. I had the keen opportunity to test that theory and was able to step into the shoes of a mock politician through a political simulation. I was put into a tough situation where I had to make choices that caused me to not be able to please everyone. Today I will describe my duties and decision making process through the simulation of or against the legalization of marijuana considering what cards I was dealt; electoral considerations, trustee or delate, personal experience, public opinion, interest group and stakeholders, and party pressure. All of these factors helped me determine …show more content…
This did not really effect my decision in anyway because that could have made me go either way. Smoking pot in college could have made me hate it or love it. It did not determine if I had a negative or positive approach when it came to trying pot in college.
Public Opinion According to Funk and Wagnall, “Public opinion refers to the opinions or views of people in a community or country on issues of public interest or concern (Public Opinion, 2016). Sixty percent of my constituents said they wanted it legal while only forty percent did not want it legal. Although, this was not a huge spilt, there was still a difference. This was one of the big factors that made me choose my decision in the end. I knew that I needed to keep the majority happy so I could win in the following election.
Interest Groups and
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This really did not really put any pressure on me to pass the legalization because I already had my next election payed for so that was not a big deal. I also received one saying that trump would pay for and endorse any candidate who voted against marijuana. This kind of put me in a bind because even though I had my campaign payed for, the endorsement would have been really beneficial but then again if I choose this I would be going against my constituents and could possibly not be voted in again. Being so, I continued to hold where I stand and vote for the legalization of recreational marijuana usage. There was also a problem with a police officer getting killed due to a drug related crime so that kind of made me look bad if I vote yes for marijuana, but it did not say what drug so I decided to continue my vote as I was going

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