Legalization Of Drugs Essay

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The process of legalizing drugs is a very long and touchy subject. Different people believe in many different ideas or thought of why drugs should become legal in their country or state. Society believes that drugs can be used for many purposes which are both good and bad. These beliefs or opinions are put to the test almost daily with more and more places allowing certain drugs to be legal every day. The legalization of certain drugs can change the world for the better or for the worse; in my opinion I think that drugs would change the world for the worse. First, the legalization does not mean that the government approves or accepts this certain aspect. It means that it has been passed for reason that people see the beneficial facts and evidence of this product helping our society. Just because the government approves or passes a law legalizing the usage of drugs, which does not mean that there will not be other laws passed on the restriction on the usage or amount you can use or buy. The legalization of drugs is a very touchy topic because many people are very opinionated on this topic. Many people believe that certain drugs can help in …show more content…
There can both be good and bad things that can come out of the drugs that may or may not get passed. If the drugs will get passed it will keep many people on the streets out of jail and they will stay on the streets instead of trying to sell the drugs that would pay for their food, water, and living. If the drugs do become legalized then the medical experimentation will grow exceedingly high so new research will come out and develop new advanced research on how drugs can help heal people in any way shape or form. However all in all I would personally say that legalizing drugs would do more damage to America then it would help. We are already in tough times and the legalization of drugs wouldn’t help improve

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