Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology Essay

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Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology George T. Jackson, University of Phoenix Psych 545 Survey of Professional Psychology Dr. Christi Moore, Facilitator

Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology There are many areas of professional psychology that are protected, and governed by legal aspects. It is these legal aspects that help to keep every psychologist/therapist working on an honest and even plane, as he or she can provider each client the courtesy, respect, safety, and well being which he or she deserves and expects when entering a professional relationship with a highly
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Another area of confidentially that will make or break the therapeutic relationship is how the psychologist handles and stores the information that has been revealed in the therapy session. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), (2010), every psychologist has a primary obligation to take all of the necessary precautions to securely protect confidential information that has been obtained through or stored in any medium. What this means is that the psychologist cannot leave his or her clients personal information out in an open area where an unauthorized individuals can view it. The psychologist must make sure that the files are stored in a secure location, and he or she must make sure that no clients name is listed on the folder as well. Influence of Legislation on Professional Psychology The role of the legislation in professional psychology is important because it protects both the client and the psychologist. The psychologist cannot release information about any of his or her clients without the written consent of the client. The laws that have been put in place are very specific on when and how the psychologist is to release any information that has been obtained in a confidential therapy session. According to

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