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Law is the supreme power of a state commanding what is right and wrong. According to that Labour law is Law fLaw is the supreme power of a state commanding what is right and wrong. According to that Labour law is Law for labours relating to their employment. The labour Law of Sri Lanka could broadly be said to originate from the following; * Statutes- their objective is the regulation of minimum terms and conditions of employment * The awards, orders and judgments * Collective agreements entered in to between trade unions & employer
Labour Law in Sri Lanka commenced from about 1830 with the growth of plantation industry. At present there are 45 labour status in operation of which some are more or less obsolete and have any
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Establishment of wages board and declaration of powers, duties and functions will be done by the minister. Minimum wage rate for the trade is decided by the wages board itself as the premium purpose. If any date employer terminates the worker employer needs to complete all due wages before the second day of the termination. In Sri Lanka wages boards are under many trades as tea such as. It also take care about delay due payments. As example employer get delay to pay the due payments more than 12 months surcharge will be 50%. Wages board includes the commissioner general of labor, members representing workers engaged in such trade and of nominated members. All members will be appointed by minister of labor and chairman will be CGL. Working hours, leaves, over tine pay do have common scheme and leaves may change as the industry of the employee. Mandatory 8 leaves are getting for the salutary holidays. Factory audience Objective of this act is to provide provisions to improve safety, health and welfare of employees of factories. Under this act every factory needs to be registers, factory building plan also needs to approve by the factory inspecting engineer and if not approved it also needs to inform by written notice. Any suspension of work needs to inform to the factory inspecting engineer and if it is going to restart it is mandatory to have the approval and notice before the six month period. Working hour’s needs to be not exceeded 9 hours

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