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Cultural Factors and Customs Australia is an island continent with six states namely Queens Land, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Wales. Most people live in the urban areas especially around the coastal regions. The capital cities automatically are also six namely Darwin, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Excluding Tasmania, Australia covers approximately an area of about 7.6 million square kilometers. The social aspects in Australia are highly valued since they act as the unifying factor in the country they include, language, religion, arts and the sporting culture (Frankie, 171). The social aspects determine the future of the country both economically, socially,
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Australians are generally known to be very friendly and open (Maslow, 20). They are also known to portray a unique character especially in the business approach by acting rather less formal in tackling business interactions as compared to their worldwide counterparts. First names are used in all business interactions .In the initial meeting however surnames should be used when addressing the Australian client. Humor is also a common feature in the business situation in Australia even in circumstances that seems inappropriate to use humor. To build a firm bond with your client it is advisable to forge a close relationship for maximum rapport. Australians are well known to be very direct especially on communication matters. They expect people to say what they intend to say in literal sense and hugely appreciate brevity (Murdock, 145). Australians are also known to be very receptive on matters involving new innovations and opinions engineered by other people. Punctuality in business meetings is an attribute that Australians respect. Handshakes are very vital when starting a meeting and after finishing the meeting .The hand shake should be quick but a firm one. Critics also dictate that presentations should be presented in a humble way without trying to prove that one is an eminent person. Trivial discussions especially on sports before the meeting starts and maintaining eye contact are also advised to build trust. Avoid emotional

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