Traglear's Unhealthy Relationships In King Lear

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In this essay I will discuss the effects of Lear’s' unhealthy relationship with his daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Goneril and Regan were already bitter with no sympathy or compassion are shown towards others. The bond between a father and his daughters stands as one of the strongest emotional bonds present within most families. The relationship Lear withholds with his daughters has compelled them to show their true intentions and feelings towards Lear. This bitterness leads to them forming a plan to get Lear out of the kingdom. Goneril and Regane were focused on self-promotion so they strategically“sucked up” to Lear, boosting his ego. However,Cordelia did not want to make a spectacle of her love for Lear's entertainment. Lear was very open and honest to the fact that he thought of Cordelia as his favorite daughter nonetheless, his ego led him into banishing her from his sight forever. Furthermore, as Goneril and Regane watched they came to the conclusion that no one is safe and that they must fend for themselves. This interpretation would lead to lots of hurt and pain for this family. Greed, lust, and the daughter's relationship with their father is what lead to the daughters losing themselves.
Lear was a king of much pride and ego, wanting to give up his kingdom with the reassurance of knowing he is loved. Cordelia was the youngest and the only one of the three that truly loved Lear. She chose to not make a major display of her love. Goneril and Regane however, already had greed in their hearts for the royals of Lear. Goneril and Regane saw their father as getting old,
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The moment Goneril was given power she began to express her true feelings towards her father by slowly limiting his power. Cause of the quick change in emotions from Lear over the years, she felt as if he must be out of the picture for her to have a stable

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