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Learning Styles and Study Skills in the Classroom
Why is it important for content teachers to "understand" the learning styles of both themselves and their students and to “teach” applicable study skills to students in their classes? Are there differences in study skills for English, history, science, and mathematics classes? If so, what are the comparisons?
Learning Styles
I agree that as teachers should have “a thorough knowledge of what we teach, the ability to interpret such knowledge authentically, and the skill to communicate effectively” (Brummelen, 2009) It is very important that we know and understand the material ourselves, but the act of teaching it to our students goes way beyond our knowledge. Our job does not simply
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As a History teacher, for example, I don’t want to simply give facts, names, and dates and ask my students to memorize them. I might want to play trivia games with my or ask them to work on a project where they are researching the information on Greek culture themselves and building small replicas of the Parthenon. If learning is exciting and the children can become passionate about the process, then learning becomes more natural.
In mathematics, memorization and repetition may be important study skills, but having the students apply that knowledge to real life may have a greater impact in the long run. Fostering a sense of research and discovery through experiments and hands-on projects may be the keys to bringing Science to life. English may require more reading and writing in order to develop proper grammar skills, but encouraging topics that the students may be interested in would foster their creativity. I think recognizing the final outcome that you are looking for and developing ways for different learning styles to obtain that goal is the ultimate desire. God has created a wonderful world full of discovery and learning. We must continue to pray every day for God’s direction so that we stoke the fire within our students and not crush their spirits.
Van Brummelen, H. (2009). Walking with

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