Essay on Learning Strategies That Improve Reading Comprehension

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Although Aspergers disease in children is more discussed than before, there are still some information that could be helpful in the classroom. Aspergers (ASD) is "characterized by differences in socialization, restricted interests and behaviors, and communication" (Williamson, Carnahan, and Jacobs 449). The center for disease control and prevention, state that one out of 88 children are diagnosed with ASD (449). Although the topic of children with Aspergers has several perspectives, I want to focus on a teacher 's angle. In my research, I was looking for teaching strategies that are helpful for students who have AS. The question asked is "Are their learning strategies that a child with aspergers benefit from?", a simple answer would be to introduce effective learning strategies that improve reading comprehension.

The history of aspergers starts with not being accepted into many public schools. Private schools were an option but were very expensive, and not always as effective. So as a default parents would choose to teach their child at home. Even if they were not qualified to teach. Fifteen years later, a revolution was started to allow children with aspergers in public school. Allowing Special education children to get an equal education. Eventually, special education classes were put in place along with the public school education (Schreibman 255). It is important to become aware of teaching strategies that benefit children who have ASD.…

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