Learning Processes Within The Classroom Essay

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In the third grade NxG Social Studies standards, under the topic of economics, students are required to assess earning, saving, and spending. I feel that this concept could be taught powerfully using either of the three learning processes given. Behaviorally, constructively, or by doing, the students can learn this concept in a way that makes it relevant and meaningful. I will provide an example of how to teach this content utilizing the three learning processes above. To begin, behavioral learning is the idea that some external factor causes a permanent change in knowledge and/or behavior. Within this lesson, students would choose a goal that they want to reach. For example, the teacher may have a “market place” with odds and ends toys displayed. Students must earn money in order to purchase the toy they want. For the sake of this concept, they receive money through a weekly allowance and can earn through completion of tasks in the classroom. Using operant conditioning, the teacher can reinforce student behaviors through rewards and punishment through completion of these tasks. A negative reinforcement would be the idea that not doing tasks would keep them from earning money, which would in turn keep them from the toy they desire. Positive reinforcement would be praise for completing tasks. Punishment could be the loss of money if specific tasks are not completed, or even the simple fact that they do not earn their money in time. The reward is the earned money and the…

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