Essay about Learning Is Based On Achieving Performance Goals

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One of the most important concepts I would like to impart to you the student is metacognition. Metacognition is term that means awareness of your thoughts or thinking about how you think. It has been discussed that there are two categories a student can fall into when it comes to their approach to learning. The first approach to learning is based on achieving performance goals. It has been said that students who strive to achieve performance goals believe that knowledge is an inherent talent that is finite and unchangeable (Dweck, Mangels, & Good, 2004). This theory of intelligence is called entity theory and it can be a hindrance to learning by luring students into the trap of accepting poor performance and thinking that the results are a true reflection of their abilities instead of framing the poor performance as an opportunity to learn from mistakes made. Use missed questions as an opportunity to identify your areas of weakness about a subject and to strengthen that gap in your knowledge with further study in the areas you made mistakes. The other approach to learning is attempting to achieve learning goals or learning for the sake of knowing (Dweck et al., 2004). This theory of intelligence is called the incremental theory of learning. This method is more successful because students with this frame of mind believe that knowledge can be obtained by hard work and assessing and correcting negative feedback. Don’t let failure derail your education. Take time to review your…

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