Bloom's Taxonomy Reflective Essay

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The test preparation strategy that worked best for me was Bloom’s Taxonomy. The first thing I did before reading chapters 3 and 4 was to review it. I went through both chapters and counted how many pages each chapters was. I also looked for any boded words or vocabulary words that stood out to me and made should to highlight them so I can go back later and look up the word and define it in my own words so I can have a better understanding of it. What I did next was read the text and made a couple of annotations to sentences that stood out to me that I thought would be important or useful for when I’m writing my questions. After reading both the chapters and annotating I started to create question, while thinking of the question I went
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For example, after a page break or a new section within the chapter I would go back and look to see if all these information was processed and understood. If I was still questionable after reading the section then I would try to reread it and even after that I would put a legend on that sections and make sure to go back and ask a few questions from that particular section. For almost any class I can be able to use Bloom’s taxonomy because the main purpose of it is to have a better understanding of the material before a test and it can be used in English class, writing classes, other classes within a student’s major. It is just a great way to study and to review something that was once unfamiliar. I would be able to use this type of strategy in the future much more quickly because now I know what I’m looking for and what key words, phrases, or sentence I should keep an eye out for. The one change I would make throughout this new experience was to add one more step to it and it would be to use memorization just how it is used in Connell notes. The questions should be on one side and the answers with explanations should be on the other. I feel that this new strategy will be more effective in the future and help me though a lot of rough

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