Learning Disability Is Not A Problem With Intelligence Or Motivation

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When I was in the third grade my old teacher notice that I have a trouble with reading and writing because I could not understand because it was very difficult to me. I’m mean I did have my hearing aids since I was born with hearing loss but not born deaf. However, that was not the problem. Therefore, I went to tell my parents that I am having a difficult at school. Therefore, they decided to talk to a doctor specialist. The doctor says that my brain is very slow and that my brain goes back three younger years then now. When I heard this news, I was devastated that I have a disability. I‘m mean I feel so different for everyone. A lots parent worries their child what is going to happen to their future. Their brains are simply very different. This difference affects how they receive and process information. A learning disability is not a problem with intelligence or motivation. Kids with learning disabilities are not lazy or dumb. In fact, most are just as smart as everyone else is. Teaching learners with disabilities is a seemingly difficult to deal with in anticipation task for educators. Teachers must need to know with understanding the different types of disabilities. Some students have trouble in reading properly which call dyslexia is, other students have trouble in math reasoning by dyscalculia, while others are unable to identify and use correct language structure is dysgraphia. Other learning disabilities include inability to see and hear. All these disabilities…

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