Essay on Learning Disability And A Speech And Language Impaired

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Maria Vasquez is first grader in Mrs. Casper’s classroom in Happyville Elementary. She has a specific learning disability and a speech and is language impaired. Her first language is Spanish and is struggling with learning English. Parent collaboration is needed in order to help Maria to learn English better and to be able succeed in school. Parents are important with collaborating with because parents are student’s main support system. Parents know their children have knowledge of their family, strengths, and needs. This gives parents a chance to become more involved with their child’s learning. Those families that do become more involved become more aware of the programs provided by the school and community. Parents that are involved with their child’s learning are often more supportive of their child and more supportive of their child as they learn. Parents that are supportive and involved with the school usually have a positive look at the teacher which in turn helps the teacher, student, and parents if there is a conflict because parents may be more willing to discuss the conflict than point figures (Parent, 2007).
The first thing I would do is to have a meeting with the parents along with an interpreter to get to know the parents and to ask them questions about their child. This is also an opportunity for the parents to ask questions about what I will be teaching their student for that semester. If they do ask these questions then I can show them the curriculum that…

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