Personal Narrative: Children With Learning Disabilities

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When I was in the third grade my old teacher notice that I have a trouble with reading and writing because I could not understand because it was very difficult to me. I’m mean I did have my hearing aids since I was born with hearing loss but not born deaf. However, that was not the problem. Therefore, I went to tell my parents that I am having a difficult at school. Therefore, they decided to talk to a doctor specialist. The doctor says that my brain is very slow and that my brain goes back three younger years then now. When I heard this news, I was devastated that I have a disability. I‘m mean I feel so different for everyone. A lots parent worries their child what is going to happen to their future. Their brains are simply very different. …show more content…
However, in High School I was very bad at it. As Children with learning disabilities do not necessarily have lower IQ scores or cognitive ability, their brains are very differently and require instruction in reading, writing, math, and other subjects to be nontraditional. When I was in the freshman year of the first day of high school and I just got four with regular class and two Special Ed class. I was never good at math for all these four years. So I did what I have to do, I copy some students their answers or I will call it that I cheat by someone else. I was not proud of myself what I did. Nevertheless, it is not that I didn’t have a choice but I was just really afraid what if something that I probably go to the principle office and suspended me. I would not that happen. So right now, I am taking stats. Statistics suffers from bad marketing the reason I did not study statistics because I knew nothing about it. I did not know any statisticians and I didn 't know a thing about what it would be like to use stats every day. My impression was that it would be incredibly not too difficult and maybe interested. I also had the crazy idea that math was not ever going to be useful to me. Statistics is very higher university level almost as calculus. I never thought I will never see math ever but it came back. Is like they haunt me and when I found out that I have to take that course. I wasn’t really happy at all. But I like to take a challenge. It was great in the first week but in two weeks and three is more hard and harder. That’s because the teacher was very difficult and she doesn’t slow, she likes very fast and quicker and I can’t do that. I haven’t told her about my disability because I was embarrassed and still hiding for who I am but once I see her I will tell her

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