Learning Disabilities And Other Mental Disabilities Essay

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Ableism has been defined as “the devaluation of disability” by which the disability is seen as an obstacle for the individual to overcome by working harder, not a trait of the person which should be accepted by society (Hehir). The importance of this subject as pertaining to schools is that statistically students with learning disabilities account for as much as six percent of the kindergarten to twelfth grade population, and this data does not include disorders such as dyslexia, the difficulty in interpreting words, and ADHD, which may cause difficulty in impulsiveness or attention (Borgioli). The two aforementioned disorders and other mental disabilities all face challenges in the world due to their differences from neurologically-typical persons. An argument arises, however, when discussing whether these differences are exacerbated or nurtured by the educational system that the United States has adopted and whether or not the critical pedagogy of academics that is key in American schooling is best for a system with so much variance in its population. Factors that contribute to the belief that ableism continues to exist within educational programs include the general atmosphere that many in a society adopt when discussing regulation and conformity in schools, the way disability is defined that may make it an external force not an internal trait, and barriers that may be set up in place that limit individuality and in doing so create challenges for children with…

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