Essay Leading An Experiment Of Police Body Worn Video Cameras

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Leading an Experiment in Police Body Worn Video Cameras
Paul Drover and Barak Ariel
Roman Mota

In the article, Leading an Experiment in Police Body-Worn Video Cameras by Paul Drover and Barak Ariel the authors seek to address the uses and the consequences of police officers wearing Body worn videos (BWV). This experiment took place in Wolverhampton during the time between March and August 2014. This research will be conducted through a Random Controlled Trial, which is where participants are randomly assigned in an experimental group and makes it easier to study the behaviors of those who are being tested. Drover and Ariel’s (2015) reasoning for the experiment is to show the problems that come along when trying to get police officers to wear the BWV and how they overcome these problems. The authors believe that the result of this qualitative research will help the leaders of the police officer make it an easy transition for their workers when implementing change in the force, such as leaning towards more “evidence-based testing…[and] police operations” (Drover & Ariel, 80).
This research has not been the first one to be done in regards to the use of BWV. Drover and Ariel refer to a similar research, under the name of Rialto Experiment, which was done by Rialto police department. The format used for this experiment is similar to it. While doing research, it is important to go over research results from other experiments. Doing this, you are able to see…

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