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I'm going to write about two aspects of change I can forsee being beneficial to my current career change. My Mum is going to retire from their geophysical instrument business, leaving my Dad doing some part time technical moderation and repair to the equipment. Briefly, the sole trader business serves mainly the UK market, occasionally reaching European destinations. I would like to take over from Mum upgrading my career into a more marketing venture, trying to use my skills in Spanish to conquer Spanish market, with the view to taking over the administration and marketing side from my mother.
I have noticed that the European trade is easy to acquire if you can show good communication relations and offer some kind of technical support.
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So I must keep France and Belgian also as prospective markets.
On reflection, I must try to keep the language in English on the leaflets and business cards but I can revert to French, TEFL English, Spanish or German as required on the telephone, this will hopefully impress the clients and entice them to buy equipment.
I have noticed that there seems to be no patten or scale of projects taking place in the UK. Therefore this chart is useful because it shows that there is no limitation on the number of and the location of projects going on around us in the UK. Due to the nature of the equipment, it being able to be shipped to different locations in the UK, there is no scale on which we need to operate to identify areas to target, we can target the whole of the UK, as demand for equipment is spread evenly throughout the UK.

page 156 Leadership: Limits and Possibilities by Keith Grint
My second idea for change is the concept of trying to make my father into more of an entrepreneur as well as a technical helper. He has a flamboyant character when he plays golf, I wanted to try and take on his enthusiasm for the business and try to be a bit of a sales person over the phone.
I have taken a quote from a book which highlights the differences between leadership and management. How this is relevant is that it identifies the need to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the

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