Leadership Theory : An Effective Leader Essay

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An effective leader is instrumental in steering its organisation to greater levels of success as well the followers find a sense of belonging and fulfilment. Through effective leadership an organisation can be turned around from the verge of bankruptcy to being the most profitable organisation (Robbins & Coutler, 2007). An effective leader is goal driven who can influence his team in such a way as a role model to make things happen (Cole, 2006; Robbins & Coutler, 2007; Weihrich, Cannince & Koontz, 2008, as cited in Odumeru & Ifeanyi, 2013).For my assessment I will analyse a leadership theory (recognised in research literature) and evaluate its impact on my professional practice as a classroom teacher.
I identify myself with transformational leadership theory. My emotional intelligence score is 85 (Emotional Intelligence, n.d) I have four well developed leadership styles which are visionary, affiliative, democratic and coaching (SkillsYouNeed, n.d). I need to have some further development on pace-setter leadership style and my least well developed leadership style is coercive.
The respective scores for my leadership styles were as follows; Authoritarian 30, Procedural 36, Transformational 47, Participative 40 and Laissez Faire 37(University of Kent, 2011).
The transformational leadership theory is all about leadership, implementing positive change within the team, where team members value each other’s needs, views and interest, hence moving towards the desired…

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