Essay on Leadership The Action Of Leading A Person Or Organization

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1. Leadership the action of leading a person or organization. For me leadership is a relationship. Leadership development is the ongoing process I need to use in order to become a successful leader. Over the years I have gathered leadership traits from those I looked up to, there was plenty to learn and still more to learn today. If you asked me about my leadership philosophy this time last year the result would be quite different from the leader I am today. Leadership views and value change with situations that come up in our life. A person that might have an ability to project a unified shared vision with the people he leads because everything in that person’s life was lining up perfect. We all know nothing in this world is perfect but when the odds are in your favor the enthusiasm is at a higher level.

A life event happened in November of 2015. My spouse of 8 years passed unexpectedly after a short battle at a local hospital. My world came crashing down.

2. I used to be that leader that could inspire a shared vision for my crew. My confidence level was high, I was on the forefront of exciting new airframes and I had tools to make my crew successful in their job. I used to have long talks with my new petty officers on how exciting our deployments were and why I wish I was in their shoes. The dream of being a Chief was obtained and I wanted those around me to do everything they can to make themselves ready to take my job one day. I also did whatever I could in order to…

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