Leadership Teams Essay

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School Improvement Team: Problem to Address
Anthony J. Cade
Grand Canyon University: UNV 577
January 22, 2014

Introduction: In discussing with my administration the issues we were facing as a school and perhaps things that needed to be looked at that can change. Administration expressed the need to look at classroom management for some teachers. Teachers lately have seen the need to in act punitive punishments towards our students. Punishments that include taking away extracurricular activities, electives, and things students enjoy with their time outside the classroom. This is in direct conflict with our school vision of “redefining excellence: and the student creed we developed last year.
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|at teacher’s request. |enact discipline to |the administration. |
| | | | |students? | |
| | |Offer input in making the principal’s office a |Administration deals with the issue and| |Teachers that send |
| | |last option for teachers to send students. |the teacher disagree with punishment as|Is not the teacher |students to the office |
| | | |it is not punitive. |saying they cannot |should accept punishments |
| | | | |handle the situation |given

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