Leadership Styles, Leadership, And The House Path Goal Model Essay

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Introduction Chapter 4 provides an overview of the functions of leadership and how the important incorporation of leadership leads to the success of a company. When there is proper leadership implemented in a company, the organization’s goals are clearer, more concise, and easier to follow. Although leadership is a function of management, the roles of leaders and managers differ in several areas. “To become a leader, a manager must develop an understanding of the nature of leadership” (Satterlee, 2013, p. 102). Managers evolve into true leaders when they understand elements of leadership, receive developmental opportunities, as well as willingly implement leadership concepts that help them effectively influence others. The implementation of different leadership styles, Principle-Centered Leadership, and the House Path-Goal Model will empower managers to become leaders who influence employees and execute strategic plans that ultimately achieve organizational goals. Leadership skills are considered more important to the success of an organization than managerial skills, but thriving organizations have individuals with both skill sets.
Group Consensus
Leadership Styles There are a variety of leadership styles specific to a type of company. Depending on the size and dynamic, certain types of leadership styles may work better or worse for a company. Not all leadership styles work for every individual; therefore, having the flexibility to adjust one’s style to coincide…

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