Leadership Styles For An Organization Essay

837 Words Sep 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
For an organisation to be successful in today’s ambiguous environment, innovation is the key to competitive advantage. This means that an organisation needs to employ methods of continual change in how they function and their offerings to survive and stay ahead. To continually innovate comes with its own set of unique challenges i.e.; consistent idea generation, change management issues, implementation issues and alike. There is a growing body of evidence that recognises leadership style is among the key factors in promoting innovative performance and gaining competitive advantage over their rivals (Leroy, Anseel, Gardner, & Sels, 2015; Paulsen, Maldonado, Callan, & Ayoko, 2009). This paper will focus on exploring the most recent styles of leadership and how each compare with each other when aspiring for innovation in an organisation, hoping to provide organisations with a framework for understanding what style of leadership is best suited at any given time. Whereas most research assumes that one leadership style is more dominant then the other my findings have shown, this is frequently not the case because research on each leadership style seems to be comparing a superior and inferior style. My argument is to have sustained success and competitive advantage within an organisation it is important a leader must incorporate a plethora of different leadership styles that have proven to be successful for that particular climate. To address this aim it is necessary to explore…

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