Leadership Style Of Men And Women Essay

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A leader is a good leader when he has followers. Followers are tend to follow how a leader directs him/her. Till today there exists some kind of constraints which prohibits women from being in the top position. What are the factors that makes the leadership style of men and women is very interesting and a subject of concern for many researchers? Does there really exists difference in the leadership style on the basis of gender, the scenario where women are not given the equal chance to lead and serve the society are just the myth or does it really exists more is further explained in the paper.
Keywords: Gender Difference, Gender, Male, Female, Leadership, Opportunity

Leadership and Gender Differences
The term "Leadership” is defined to lead the followers the right path. Many people have a view that a leader will not exist until and unless he has followers. I feel this view is true as a single person is not capable of doing all the works just by himself/herself. When leadership comes the big question arises "How people are leading the followers?" "Is there any difference between a leadership of a man and a woman”? So, due to all these questions leadership seems to be very vast. In we see the ancient view then in those days men were seen as the bread winners and women were seen as the homemakers. Today, women has broken all those myths and is coming forwards as a successful leader.
It is very common for all of us to see a man as a leader, but to see a…

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