Leadership Style For Module Three Essay

1414 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
The results from self-assessment of leadership style for module three, chapter three, show that my leadership style is high on the leadership continuum for both task leadership style (autocratic) and people (democratic) leadership style. Considering that the two styles are usually placed on opposite ends of the leadership style continuum, a common misperception is that one’s leadership style has to fall to either one side of the continuum or the other. However, there are some leaders that are in both their concern for people and their concern for production. The textbook refers to these type of leaders as high-high leaders or team leaders according to the leadership grid, and researchers suggest that this style of leadership is the most flexible and applicable style out of the five main styles of leadership currently recognized (Daft et. al., 2010) The results of this leadership assessment are interesting in that they greatly resemble the results of other leadership style assessments taken in this class thus far, including the Leader’s Self-Insight 2.2 from module 2, called the “What’s Your Leadership Orientation,” also labeled my leadership style as being high in both consideration and initiating structure as well. Therefore, the findings aren’t really that unusual, especially if one considers the similarities among the variables used in each one of the University studies of leadership style. For instance, while the task leadership style easily relates to the autocratic…

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