Leadership Style Based On A Recent Self Assessment Essay

805 Words Mar 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Few people are born great leaders. In most people, leadership develops from accumulating experience, knowledge, social awareness, and commitment. Leadership is the most studied but least understood human concept. Throughout history, leadership has evolved, but today, not one theory is considered better than the others. A good leader is flexible when choosing the appropriate leadership style to motivate, inspire, and influence the actions of individuals toward an organization or unit goal (Amanchukwu, Stanley, & Ololube, 2015). For this paper, I will discuss my leadership style based on a recent self-assessment, describe the leadership theories that complement my leadership style, and discuss the type of work environment and key actions needed to be successful.
I have had some leadership experience as the interim nurse manager of my outpatient unit. For three years, I managed a small group of nurses and medical assistants after our current manager left unexpectedly. My assigned leadership survey shows that democratic and laissez-faire styles are both moderately high with only five points separating the scores. When analyzing the results, the survey considers my style laissez-faire since both scores are high. Huber (2014) states that a leadership style is a group of task and relationship behaviors that a leader uses to move a group of people toward achieving a goal or task. Tannenbaum and Schmidt describe leadership styles on a continuum from authoritative to…

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