Leadership Is The Action Of Leading A Group Of People Or An Organization

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Leadership Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Today there are many situations around us where we need someone to lead us to help us stay on top of things and be organized. Leadership involves subjects such as; a sports team, jobs and an organization. Teams, jobs and organizations need a person to lead through these subjects to prevent laziness and dysfunctions in a business or group. Leadership is needed because it is essential to have a person lead an association in order to be successful. Having a leader is the key to helping a team grow, jobs to be successful, and the organizations to be organized. Leadership holds a great amount of power and direction and it is very helpful to many places around us.
A team is a group of players forming on one side in a competitive game or sport. Leadership carries a very crucial role on a team because a team always needs to have a person who can direct, give instruction, be influential, confident, problem solving and honest. In most sports teams they have a person called a captain. The captain is exactly what a leader is. The captain has the biggest responsibilities on the team making sure that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing. For example, on my soccer team at Murray State College we all as a team vote on someone to lead our team. The characteristics the team looks for in a player is someone who shown that they can be responsible and have put in extra effort, helping others…

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