Leadership Differences Between Management And Leadership Essay

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In order to develop a leadership philosophy it is important to understand our own definition of what leadership is. There are many definitions of leadership but the way I see it, leadership is how we use the positions we are in to develop effective relationships with our team in order to make a difference in our environment. If we achieved that level of commitment and trust with the followers we lead, then the goals we establish would be attainable.
Management vs. Leadership It is a very popular misconception to assume that all managers are leaders. Management is something all leaders are able to do but leadership characteristics are not necessarily present on all management employees. Northouse presents many differences between management and leadership. Although both should be able to achieve goals, work with a group of people and be influential, both have different approaches to get similar things done. Management, for example, is primarily concerned with the power it has over the people while leadership focuses more on how to work together with its team. I aim to be a manager one day and been a good leader should lead me to be an effective one. Based on what I have experience, employees tend to be more focused to help a company reach it goals when they feel a strong connection with their superiors. If their manager is just a person with power hunger but do not take the time to be a role model and a leader, then their performance would be damaged. The job would likely…

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