Qualities To Be A Leader

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To me leadership, as quoted by Jack Welch is, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
Before becoming a leader, you are just working on the tasks assigned to you; doing the best what comes naturally to you like running a project and meeting deadlines; in essence, growing yourself; focusing on your weaknesses and strengths and trying to improve yourself than before. Then all of a sudden, after your promotion you become the manager, all your responsibilities gets changed as you are the boss now. You have to lead people in order to achieve the desired goals of your organization.
“My own definition of leadership is this: The capacity and will to rally men
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However, leader is a person who directs, motivates, inspires and pulls the people towards a shared purpose. He stands for a common cause. For example: Abdul Satar Edhi stood for a common cause that is for education and health. Similarly, leaders like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Gandhi, etc all stood for a shared purpose.
Leadership is not just about you, it is about your followers! Therefore, some of the fundamental qualities a leader must have are mentioned below:
• Leaders build the vision but make sure that their followers live and breathe it
A vision is an essential element of a leader’s job. No vision on a paper is of any worth unless and until it is communicated continuously and reinforced with reward. Only then it will leave the page and will come to life. You as a leader have to make the vision come alive by articulating the vision to your people. The vision should be in their hearts and souls. It should constantly be communicated to all the management levels.

• Leaders establish transparency, trust and give
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You should support and advance them. Moreover, you should guide them at every step and help them to improve their performance in every action they take. Finally, you have to infuse self confidence in his them as it gives them the courage to broaden their horizon, take risks and achieve beyond their imagination. Self confidence acts as a fuel for winners.

• Leaders are risk takers and they set examples for their followers
If you want your people to take risks, perform experiments and think out of the box you should set the example yourself first. You should create a culture for your people that welcomes risk taking by freely admitting your mistakes and talking about what you have learnt from them.

• Leaders make sure their questions are answered with actions
As a leader you have to make sure that your questions unleash the debate and raise issues that get actions done. Without probing you can’t think of bigger and better solutions.

• Leaders exude positivity and

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