Leadership Characteristics Of Mark Zuckerberg

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What is leadership? Why is leadership important among organizations? Leadership is “the use of noncoercive influence to shape the group’s or organization’s goals, motivate behavior toward the achievement of those goals, and help define group or organizational culture; as a property, the set of characteristics attributed to individuals who are perceived to be leaders(Griffin, 2011. Page 329).” Leadership is important for guidance and to influence others to a successful pathway. Leaders can improve the way employees’ preform by being a role model in directing them to the right path. Leaders have the power to influence and affect employees’ behavior within an organization. “Managers and leaders often have to actually use power but should do so only in ways that are ethical and appropriate. In organizational settings, there are usually five kinds of power: legitimate, reward, coercive, referent, and expert power (Griffin, 2011. Page 329).” Mark Zuckerberg is an example of a great leader for his influential leadership characteristics, job design and employee satisfaction, motivating employees, problem solving and decision making, and …show more content…
Zuckerberg’s leadership characteristics has strongly influenced his successful computer software site because his passion has driven him to stay focused. I’ve learned that without passion it won’t be easy to commit to the purpose of why I do what I do. Understanding my passion and purpose will also influence my problem-solving and decision-making strategies. I also learned that money doesn’t motivate people in the long-run. Implementing alternatives to motivate others will increase individual’s performance in the long-run. Now, I’ve also learned that not everyone is perfect, but being ethical will influence how others view

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