Leadership Assessment : An Effective Leader Essay

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Leadership Assessment
Having an awareness of your leadership characteristics, style and skills are a very important part in the process of becoming an effective leader. Authentic leadership, path-goal theory, and skills approach are the three areas that can help me grow as a leader. The assessment tools used provides various areas of measurements that include self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, relational transparency, style, and skills. The assessments can provide me with data needed to improve my skills and style of leadership.
The authentic leadership assessment has four categories, they are rated as high = 16 – 20 and low = 15 and below. In self-awareness, I scored a 17 which is on the high scale. According to (Northouse, 2016, p. 202) Self-awareness refers to the personal insights of the leader.” I am very aware of my strengths and weakness and to become a great leader I know that I must constantly work towards the goal of becoming a better leader. Having an awareness of my weaknesses helps me remain humble and dedicated to the goal of becoming a learning leader, continuing to learn as a leader will not only benefit me but also the people who I lead.
My score for internalized moral perspective is 18, this score suggests that my behavior is guided by my standards and morals and I do not let outside influences alter my behavior. It 's important to me not only as a leader but also as an individual to have a moral foundation that I live by…

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