Essay on Leadership As An Effective Leader

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It is difficult to provide an actual definition for leadership as is it a very subjective topic. Chemers described leadership as:
‘A process of social influence through which an individual enlists and mobilizes the aid of other in the attainment of a collective goal’
Leadership is a huge part of humanity and some have even argued it has an evolutionary function. When it comes to effective leadership there has shown to be a difference between what may be described as ‘good’ leadership and what may be described as ‘effective.’ For example, an effective leader would be someone who is good at influencing others to achieve goals whereas a good leader would work to achieve goals that the group would value, however the idea of being a ‘good’ leader is much more subjective measurement as it depends on the groups own norms and goals they wish to achieve. Social theories of leadership believe that effective leadership is entirely based on the situation the leader is placed in. However, psychological factors may be based more on personality traits that perhaps predispose certain people to leadership. Effective leadership can be discussed through a range of theories and ideas. The ideas discussed in this essay will be the different leadership styles and how they affect the effectiveness of leadership, along with this will be contingency theories as they still relate to leadership styles. We will also discuss both transactional and transformational theories of leadership which again…

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