Essay on Leadership As A Leader 's Ethics And Ethos

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At some point, every leader probably thinks about how they want to lead and what is important to him or her as a leader. During the CSC coursework, I wrote my command philosophy, which gave me an opportunity to reflect on past leaders I had encountered, and project how I wanted to lead in the future. The command philosophy was a statement, written to the members of the unit, about what I valued as a leader. As a foundation for how to approach this philosophy, the CSC coursework described USMC General Lejeune’s teacher/scholar leadership approach (USMC CDET, 2013a). This approach to leadership rests on a foundation of ethics, directly supporting an ethos of core values, mode of conduct, leadership principles, and leadership traits (USMC CDET, 2013a). Atop of this foundation of ethics and ethos are three pillars: communication, understanding, and decision. These three pillars are influenced by a leader’s ethics and ethos, and ultimately support an approach to leadership. This model helped me develop my own command philosophy, and think about what was important. I reread this document as we had some turbulent times at the command to generate a conversation about how to help commander figure out some simple things to lean on, and communicate what is important to the sailors.
Mission Analysis Every mission, operation, or campaign must be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve success. A critical part of planning is mission analysis. This is the where the…

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