Leadership As A Leader And What Makes A Vision? Essay

1053 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In my opinion, Leadership, can vary from one situation to another. That’s why it is impossible to generalize leadership because of its broad aspects. The main thing to think about is to determine who is a leader and what makes a vision. Leadership is more than having subordinates or a title. You cannot have leadership by simply relying on just a few principles. Leadership itself is complex, that you need to make a tough decision without depending on the famous steps but by pursuing the shared purpose of achieving a positive yet empowering notion on lasting an effective and influencing policy. In the case of leadership philosophy, mine comes from different aspects, and one of those is having self-awareness. It is relatively important to have a belief in yourself to be able to work your way to the fullest potential in becoming a leader. Of course, leadership is a relationship where there are two parties getting involved: the leader and the followers. Without exercising good and open communication between the two entities, the essence of leadership would just be blank and minute.
I believe that to become an efficient and effective leader, it is important to understand your subordinates’ core values. In addition, it might help you manage them accordingly. Yes, you also have your values as a leader, but you cannot force those values to your followers. As leaders, we should influence others with our character and traits. Furthermore, influencing others to make the right…

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