Essay about Leadership and Team

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Module 7ED015 University of Wolverhampton

Participant name: Deborah Elaine Howarth

UoW Student Number: 1126183

Learning Community: Bradford

Serco Tutor: Michael Gasper

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|Submission dates: |9th Jan 2012 |16th Jan 2012 |
| |St Helens |Sussex |
| |Reading |Taunton
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I need to bring my team along with me, on what is going to be a rocky journey, with implementation of a new structure, in this I identify with Tom Stevens Wizard of Oz leadership lessons.

“What’s in it for me? ......... Everyone needs to get to the Emerald City to....... The journey is safer and more productive travelling together....... “Leadership is much more than telling people to go down the yellow brick road. It’s about authentically engaging them in the adventure”. (2009:1)

Part 2: Self-evaluation (2428 words)

I have started to travel on my learning journey through NPQICL. I have been able to analyse my strengths and also my areas for development. I have begun to understand where my strengths lie and how they are linked with my core values and beliefs. I will document my development as a learning leader and how I have utilised my NPQICL learning to date.

I now have a thorough understanding of my core values and their origins. In relation to leading staff teams one of my core values is that ‘people are not machines’. I now realise I tend to adopt the role of motivator when leading my

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