Essay on Leadership And Multicultural Situational Leadership

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1. Explain situational leadership and multicultural situational leadership.
a) Situational leadership is the concept that states “effective leaders are those who are able to assess followers for their level of interest, competency, maturity and motivation, and adapt their leadership style accordingly” (p. 152). Thus, if a leader’s followers do not understand what is being asked of them, this effective leader uses “a telling or directive style” to provide further clarification (p. 152). Moreover, when a leader’s team is “moderately competent and somewhat motivated, the leader will switch to a selling style by” further “explaining decisions” (p. 152). Also, if the leader’s followers are capably yet lack confidence, the leader will then employ “a participative style with shared decision making” (p. 152). Lastly, “for the follower who is able, willing and confident, the leader lets go by fully delegating and wholly turning over responsibility (p. 152).
b) Multicultural situational leadership is the concept that states “effective leaders will be flexible in their style by assessing the cultural expectations of leaders and followers” (p. 152). Leaders adapt to what the cultural situation requires of them, thus their style changes as needed for the betterment of their followers (p. 152). Thus, “both leaders and followers must be aware of the expectations of the host culture, adapting accordingly” and ultimately must “be proficient in a wide range of leadership styles, and know when…

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