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Data doesn’t give a complete picture of an FRC team because of how human the experience is. Its impact cannot be completely represented by any quantitative measure. Throughout each season, year after year, our team creates a lasting impact not only on the students and mentors involved, but the community around us. Although this impact can be measured to an extent, it cannot produce the entire picture. We are a family, we are bound together by passion and we work with limitless persistence to create a lasting impact, and that can’t be measured by any number.


Our team emphasizes the students and their roles on the team, and besides subteam leads, students are able to show leadership through three positions: safety captain, project manager, and student spokesperson. Students have the opportunity to take responsibility, build confidence, and create many real-life skills that will be utilized throughout high school and beyond. These concepts are applied during the beginning of the season when students go through a process of consensus to come to a conclusion on prepositions such as the robot design for the upcoming season. Another way to utilize this expertise is by giving back to the community through mentoring students on VEX and FLL teams. This way, students on CORE and in the community can be immersed in STEM. This creates an increased interest in STEM, even leading to the continuation of post-secondary education. In fact,…

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