Essay about LDR 531 Week 3 Quiz

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1 The two general approaches to negotiation are ________ bargaining and ________ bargaining. formal; informal affective; reflective emotional; rational distributive; integrative 2 When ________ is of importance in decision making, group decisions are preferred to individual decisions. efficiency acceptance of solution clear responsibility speed

3 As a consequence of the information circulated by the grapevine in an organization, employees experience increased member satisfaction increased anxiety increased power increased certainty 4 Genepa Corporation manufactures home appliances and other electronic products. Genepa is planning to introduce a new refrigerator model. The marketing manager at Genepa has developed a
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Social loafing Groupthink Cyberloafing In-group favoritism 18 Most people assume that a police officer should behave in a lawful manner, refrain from demonstrating favoritism to any particular group, and do his or her best to uphold the law. Which of the following terms best represents these beliefs?
Similarity Dispersion of responsibility Role expectation 19 To retain its edge in the organic health food market, Natura has established a high-priority team comprised of senior executives from the company’s production, marketing, and research divisions. These employees work together closely to study consumer attitudes about organic health foods and come up with a closely monitored development and marketing strategy for new products. This ensures that each division is informed of the specific needs, timelines, and expected outcomes of the strategy. It also makes Natura a company that adapts to changes in market trends swiftly. The team Natura uses here is of the ________ type. self-managed work traditional cross-functional problem-solving 20 Which of the following terms

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